In love there is no fight. The movement is not violet. The movement is not fighting corrupt systems. The movement is merging the new positive ways of healing, living, and awakening with the old world so that all have options and can achieve happiness. This is not a revolution war. This is an awakening of the Hearts 'will to do good' for all mankind so that poverty becomes an extinct reaction to excessive greed. You vote everyday with your dollars who you empower to lead your nations. We stand in solidarity from every every land across the seas. This is a Renaissance of new ideas and powerful grassroots solutions. Educate all. Spread Awakening. You are the movement.


when you  up and realize there’s nothing you can do so you just accept it




Where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea meet, but don’t mix- my upload, not photo

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i nearly bought this top until i saw my dad stare at me // instagram @annikabansal
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